Mumusic Circus

Mumusic Circus

Creation, Direction, Composition and Performance | Marçal Calvet i Clara Poch
Photography | Gerard Riera

AMIGOO is a fragment in the lives of a man and a woman. A circus of two.

Bits of privacy on a non-verbal and musical journey to the deepest and most sincere side of each person. Together they weave an unreal world of poetry and complicity in a masked attempt to break the myth of loneliness as a human condition in this world.

Moments of delirium and disparateness burst out between dance and acrobatics, dismantling their own inner circus. From the inside out without rules transcending established forms and techniques. Always full of emotion.

Pointing to the most sincere and essential sides of ourselves. A personal circus that reveals and explores through the movement of the acrobatics, the music and the control of our bodies and our objects.

A familiar and void environment…
… a fertile void.