Creative team | Quim Bigas and Ramon Molins
Direction and choreography | Quim Bigas
Performers | 3 hippos / Albert Garcia, Jordi Gilabert, Maria Mora, Miquel Rodríguez, Carla Tovias
Design and production of the hippos | Miguel Ángel Infante – Dulcie Best
Photography | Jordi Rulló, Núria Boleda and Zum-Zum teatre
Illustration | Giselfust
Costume alterations | Olga Cuito
Consultant | Margarida Troguet
Coordination, logistics and communications | Begonya Ferrer
Artistic and technical support | Joan Pena and Sergio Sisques
Stage prop construction | Joan Ferrer (Juanito)
Market advisors | Cia La Tal and Campi Qui Pugui
Administration | Pili Espada
Executive production | Txell Burgués
Production | ZUM-ZUM TEATRO

With the support of ICEC, institut català de les empreses culturals. With the involvement of Sismògraf, FiraTàrrega, TNT, Fiet, L’Estruch, El més petit de tots, La Mostra d’Igualada. With the collaboration of Institut Ramon Llull, LA PAERIA, Ajuntament de Lleida, Projecte&Gar.

In a world where animals and people live together, we encounter hippopotamuses that choose a middle path. Are they humans disguised as they animal they wear? Or are they hippos that are searching for themselves inside of the individual that inhabits their body? Join these hippos on a physical journey that could be a fable, a metaphor, the preliminary reflection for a doctoral thesis on humanity and animality or, simply, a chance for all audiences to find themselves, and be a little lonelier, but in better company.

To be a hippo is to understand that we are dangerous animals if someone wants to take on what we are.
To be a hippo is to demand that you not be taken by surprise.
To be a hippo is to go wild.
To be a hippo is to be multiple. To go on being.

To be a hippo is to reevaluate loneliness in company. To be hippo implies letting be.


… Touching the plastic, caressing it, wearing white trainers, accepting the complexity of being present in a structure that demands more practice than interpretation…looking out your nose and feeling with every inch of your body… letting movement ring…

… Wherever it wants to. Wherever they let us.