La Veronal



La Rambla

Color was the starting point to develop what is our YellowPlace, where two strangers meet and quickly arrive at the most intense point of the relationship. Dramaturgically it is divided into three parts, as three stages of growth together.

The first real conflict occurs when we first become aware of stability and harmony. This worries one side and the other gains strength to be able to live the double essence and continue to dream of the now old presence. The viewer is given the opportunity to create his own idea: Ageing together is real or a fiction?

We use dance as a tool to analyze our personality. As we change according to the situations, we are also changing our mood. It is easy to understand in relation to our body and that using expression becomes a pure, simple, uncomplicated language.

Concept and choreography | Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa
Dramaturgy | Paco Becerra
Cast | Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa
Costume Design | David Delfin